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User Selected Pinning of Web Browser Cache Contents Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237289D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-11
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A method for user selected pinning of web browser cache contents is disclosed.

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User Selected Pinning of Web Browser Cache Contents

Disclosed is a method for user selected pinning of web browser cache contents.

When web browsing on the Internet, it is a common practice to bookmark pages of interest which the reader intends to visit again at some later date. At some later date, however, the reader may return to a bookmarked page and find that the contents no longer exist at that URL (i.e., a 404 Not Found error). The current solutions used to address this problem are: 1) The user can save a locally archived copy of the web page; or 2) The user can utilize some remote archive service. The former solution is inconvenient in that the user must manually manage the files in a way that they can be found again if needed. The latter solution is inconvenient, and may even be subject to archival policies that do not meet the user's needs.

With the disclosed method, the reader is presented with two options when saving a bookmark:

The normal bookmark that exists today; and


A permanent bookmark which guarantees that the page will be available when the


reader navigates to that bookmark in the future.

For performance improvement reasons, web browsers commonly utilize a cache of recently visited web pages which are managed on a Least Recently Used (LRU) basis. When a user saves a permanent bookmark, the browser will pin all of the files associated with the currently displayed web page into the browser's cache (i.e., the LRU algorithm for ejecting cach...