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Watson xray view Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237292D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-11
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A user interface mechanism for revealing the processing occurring in an underlying system.

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Watson xray view

It is sometimes desirable to give users a view to what is happening in an underlying system . In IBM Watson*, for example, the user interface shows answers to questions and other task relevant information, but the user may sometimes want to see how Watson came up with the answers it provides . The present invention provides and xray view in which the user peels away the top layer of the user interface to peek into the underlying computation .

The user can drag the top layer of the UI off screen to reveal the underlying system data . For example, the following visual shows on oncology diagnosis and treatment screen being dragged to reveal a status screen showing how many documents Watson is processing .


An alternative implementation is to automatically or at user request do a dissolve where the top level screen disappears to show the status information while Watson is doing processing. The action is reversed when processing is completed.


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*IBM Watson is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation