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Method of Multiple Level Authentication Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237303D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-12
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This article presents a method and system of multiple level authentication. For a single device, it has different passwords in different locacation, or it has same password with dynamically changed variants on complexities based on locations. Locacation can be located by GPS or other approaches such as badge and lab access etc.

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Method of Multiple Level Authentication


People in our society have become increasingly mobile and, not coincidentally, have increasingly come to rely on their electronic devices such as laptop computers, cellular phones, hand-held personal digital assistants, etc. as they travel. These devices, moreover, have become increasingly more complex and capable of maintaining a myriad of programs as well as maintaining connections with networks such as the Internet. Telecommuting, i.e., maintaining a business office in a place other than a headquartered office such as one's home and connecting to an employer through a computer or hand-held microprocessing device, occurs across town, across the country, and even across international borders. People demand more of their electronic communication devices too. People want to be able to conduct personal and/or business financial transactions, legal transactions, communications with business associates, employers, employees, family, friends all with one device. We found that we want to different passwords in different situation for our mobile phones , such as at home, if we stay in our home, our mobile's unlock password maybe need simple or no password. If we stay in the public place, need the password complex or long. But there is no related technology currently to achieve this.

There are some real scenario in our life.This invention presents a method of multiple level authentication can be :
Place 1: no passwords required in high level security controlled areas: such as inside of data center, lab, personal office, or any buildings need special badge accessing authority rights. Place 2: short or simple passwords required in middle level security controlled areas: such as assigned company's conference rooms, lobbys, home which need normal badge and key accessing. Place 3: long or complicate passwords required in low level security controlled areas: such as airport, car, shopping mall.

Core idea:

The core idea of this invention is enable different authentication level according to different places .
- Recognize places by GPS or other approaches such as badge access/lab access
- Customizable passwords for one mobile phone

Summary of the Invention:

These needs and others that Will become apparent to overkilled in the art are satisfied by an processing device,comprising: a user interface to interact With a user; location detection electronics; processing electronics connected to the user interface and the location detection electronics; a memory connected to the processing electronics to store a plurality of passwords associated With


Multi-level authentication and security control with context awareness technologies are hot areas in modern network and cloud services .

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a plurality of geographic regions; and a gatekeeper to access the processing electronics When an input password from the user interface is the same as a password in memory and When the location detection elect...