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Method to personalize mileage estimates Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237311D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-12
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Disclosed is a method to use a driver’s history of driving habits to customize the vehicle’s levels of fuel economy and environmental impact data to the individual.

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Method to personalize mileage estimates

Gathering information about a vehicle's fuel efficiency is an important step in the process of most vehicle buyers. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently updated the Fuel Economy data to include more information, such as a number of statistics based on estimated and average usage of the vehicle it represents.

Figure: Example of information sticker showing a vehicle's fuel economy

A method is needed to present additional information and accurate data to allow the buyer to make an informed decision.

A driver's habits and common routes have direct impact on the vehicle's usual gas mileage. The novel method uses a driver's history to customize the vehicle's levels of fuel economy and environmental impact data to the individual.

The capabilities of the system and the process for implementing the method follow:

1. Store information regarding a driver's driving habits

A. Acceleration
B. Braking
C. Typical speed in a given route segment
D. Data regarding gas usage in a current vehicle (some vehicles display the current miles per gallon)

E. Use of air conditioning (AC)

F. Use of internal electronic devices (e.g., music or satellite radio)

    G. Charging equipment 2. Store information about the routes a driver takes over time:
A. How much is city vs. highway
B. What the speed limits are along the routes
C. How much the driver drives (i.e. number of miles over a given period)

3. Use the habit and route information to determine a...