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Emergency cell call with no signal Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237316D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-12
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Disclosed is a system in which a cell phone automatically holds a call, message, and/or location information until a signal is received and the information can be sent.

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Emergency cell call with no signal

A user is not always within range of a cellular tower when there is a need to make an emergency. The only current solution is to move positions or wait for a signal. The problem with this is that the user might briefly pass through an area where a signal is received, and not realize it. This can be exacerbated if the user or someone in the party is injured.

The solution is a system in which the cell phone automatically holds a call until a signal is received. When making an emergency call, if the cell phone does not receive a signal, the phone records the user's location via a Global Positioning System (GPS), waits until the cell phone receives a signal, and then completes the call and provides the original GPS location and current GPS location.

The steps for implementing the system follow:

1. Emergency call activated 2. System detects if it is an emergency call using known numbers or a special button 3. System does not receive a signal from a cellular tower 4. System records a message from user 5. System collects any available location information (e.g., GPS, Wi-Fi, weak cell tower signals, etc.)

6. System stores the recording and location information to send later when a cell signal is detected

7. System detects cellular signal

8. System sends message and appends current location information