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Driver attentiveness management - effectiveness learning system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237366D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-16
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This disclosure sets out a method and system for actively monitoring the state of a driver and his/her consciousness. This is then used to select an appropriate method to increase the consciousness if required.

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Driver attentiveness management - effectiveness learning system

In a previously described system, there is provided a database of methods of increasing attentiveness/reducing the required attentiveness together with their inconvenience level. The drawbacks of this method are that different drivers vary in their responses to different stimuli, and over time, maybe some things will become more or less effective. The system described above would have to more often resort to the more irritating interventions such as limiting the car speed and asking the user to take a break .There do not appear to be any methods that can maintain and learn this kind of information.

    There is already the facility to measure the current alertness level ck/ and

    This is a very sophisticated system for measuring and predicting alertness on a moment by moment basis which would be an ideal input to the present system
9.pdf mood-607054 can measure your mood based on a webcam, so could be used to measure the irritation level

    Also, headset technology exists that can measure attentiveness and excitement, so this could be used for this.

    This link describes an idea in how to monitor the alertness of a set of people, and suggest remedies when people are too tired. However despite the fact that it's described as paradigm-breaking, it doesn't suggest anything about monitoring the effectiveness of each intervention and updating its suggestions based on that.ŝcott/intmodel.html

    There doesn't seem to be anything to manage the alertness directly, so I think a new solution is necessary to further automate the...