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Micro-scale product placement advertising Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237411D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-17
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A program is disclosed by which software will analyze each published photograph by different users and if the invention finds the published photograph contains potential advertisement then the publisher of the photograph will earn some loyalty points. Identification of objects can be done in advertisement server or in social networking site. There can be a rule for point distribution (e.g. More point for Big Brands, Original publisher will earn more point compare to likes or share in social networking site.). Social network user can accumulate such points by publishing multiple such photograph and can get discount coupon . User will earn more point if the same photograph is popular among the friends (e.g. more likes, comments etc)

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Micro-scale product placement advertising

In social networking site, users share multiple photographs; some of the published photograph contains logo, shop name etc. This information can be used as advertisements. In this case, the user has not shared the photograph for advertisement. He has captured the photograph, and so wanted to share the same with friends.

There is an opportunity to use this information as advertisement, and the user can earn loyalty points for publishing this photograph. Following diagram (Figure 1) talks about such example:

Figure 1

Product placement advertising is widely used within the movie and television industry (see Sponsors pay a lot of money to a movie and TV producers to show their products, and this invention is similar, but it is at the consumer level.

As there could be concern on giving people reward for pictures that may display a product in a negative or embarrassing way (maybe a car logo being shown on a car that is broken down, etc.), This situation will be handled by contextual analyzing image to identify any offensive or negative placement so people are not rewarded for that. (and also allow people to flag inappropriate content) Aalso One option would be for having a button to "Report Misuse" then sponsors could revoke the points.

Following are the implementation steps

1. Once any photograph is published in social networking site, with web crawlers following information wi...