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System and method for applying template profiles to intelligent home devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237413D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-17
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A system and method for configuring new devices on a home network, using location information and an Internet-accessible database of configuration templates.

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System and method for applying template profiles to intelligent home devices

This invention describes a system and method of configuring intelligent home devices , based on the dynamic location of the device and a database, accessible from the Internet, of relevant configuration templates.

There are an increasing number of intelligent devices coming into homes and businesses . These include entertainment systems of all sorts, including game consoles, televisions, blue ray players, music systems and, increasingly, other sorts of devices. Part of these devices being intelligent means that they may be configured but that configuration activity is often complex and subject to a variety of errors . The devices are also, more and more commonly, able to connect to one of a variety of types of networks, including wired and wireless networks. This invention proposes to address the problems of:

1) Making it relatively easy to configure a device, according to one of a set of reasonable and likely patterns, such as "television in a family room" vs. "television in adult's bedroom" or "game console networked to television and blue ray player".

2) Enabling the device to be easily reconfigured, when its conditions, such as its location within a home or other facility change, such as moving a television from one room to another.

3) Easing the process of taking advantage of manufacturers updating device software .

Proposed are combining device information and location information, along with a database of template patterns of device configurations, which can be easily applied to a wide variety of devices. There are no known solutions of this nature on the market today.

The core of the invention is three points:
a) A device will contain software, from it's manufacturer, to connect to an in facility network, such as a home wifi network, and announce itself by a defined message.

b) The network controller in the facility, which could be additional functionality in a home router or a separate device on the network , will authenticate with the device and query an Internet-accessible database for available configurations for that device, along with checking for any available software/firmware updates.

c) The user will be presented with the available configuration options and allowed to choose one to be applied to the device in question . The user will be able to manually modify the device configuration using whatever facilities are provided , by the device manufacturer to do so.

A new device, when entering a location will, upon being switched on, connect to the local network, which could be Wi-Fi* or another networking technology, depending on the device. The device will send it's identity to the controller on the network, which will reach out, via the Internet, to a known server offering device configuration and template information. The options for templates will be sent back to the controller, along with notice of any available software updates. These...