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Method and system for horizontal fold creation on long page in touch screen device

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237416D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-17
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A program is disclosed by which, with finger gesture, user can create one or more horizontal folds in any open page of any e-book, webpage etc. User can also unfold the horizontal fold. The folded portion can be shared.

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Method and system for horizontal fold creation on long page in touch screen device
In many cases, users open long web pages, and the page cannot be fitted in the display area. Thus, the user has to scroll the page to view the other contents. In this case, a user may want to view some of the important contents in every case. Following diagram (Figure 1) talks about how a user has opened a long page, and he wants to view some portion every time while scrolling the page.

Figure 1

There has to be a mechanism by which user can create horizontal folds in open page to hide one or more portions.

Following diagram (Figure 2) talks about how a user wants to fold paper in the touch screen enabled device. In this case user has selected 2 points in any opened page and moves the fingers towards each other. So it will create folding on the paper.

Figure 2


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Following diagram (Figure 3) talks about how the user has created a horizontal fold of the open page. The user created the fold so the length of the page has reduced. This way the user can keep the important portion unfolded and unimportant content will be folded.

Figure 3

Following are the implementation steps :

1. With finger gestures the user has touched two points on any open page.

2. Invention will calculate the distance between 2 finger points.

3. Based on finger movement, invention will calculate the final position of the 2 finger points.

4. Invention will compress the selected page portion, accordingly,...