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Document auto navigation based on document structure and eye tracking Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237417D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-17
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A program is disclosed which will analyze the structure of a document from its configuration metadata and accordingly will create a navigation plan. While reading, Invention will track user’s eye direction and accordingly navigation of the document will be executed automatically.

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Document auto navigation based on document structure and eye tracking
The structure of a document depends on the structure of columns. A user can structure the documents in many ways. Following diagram (Figure 1) talks about how structure of a document can be changed by structuring the columns.

Figure 1

Thus, the navigation of any documents should be based on the structure of any documents. There are prior arts available which talk about navigation of any document based on eye gaze, but structure of document is not considered. Existing systems of navigation with eye gaze talks about how to turn to a new page.

User's document navigation requirement is explained with the following example. (Figure 2). As per existing method, page turn cannot be done at the bottom of the page displayed in the mobile device. Thus the navigation sequence totally depends on the structure of the document.


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Figure 2

Following diagram (Figure 3) talks about document structure based navigation plan. Navigation plan will be created automatically based on structure of the document. (Figure 1) User's eye direction will always follow the navigation path.


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Figure 3

Following are the implementation steps

1. Once the structure of any document is created, invention will automatically create a navigation plan of the document.

2. In the case navigation, "plan" means the sequence of reading of the document.

3. Along with the document structure, the navigation plan will als...