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Method and system for system for aggregated image object viewing pattern based metadata creation

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237418D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-17
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A model is proposed which can aggregate user’s feedback from different published photographs and display the analysis data in electronic map, or mobile phone focus can be augmented with the analysis data.

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Method and system for system for aggregated image object viewing pattern based metadata creation

User's feedback data from different images will be aggregated and accordingly the aggregated analysis data will be part of metadata of the physical object present in the photograph. The analysis data can be plotted in electronic map and can be shown in mobile phone screen upon focusing mobile phone camera toward the physical object.

1. User's viewing patterns of different images and objects will be aggregated and will be analyzed to identify the following information: a. Which portion of any image object is popular b. Which direction of the captured image object is popular c. Which time frame of captured image object is popular etc d. Or combination of any two or more such parameters are popular e. add metadata to the object based on people that actually visit the object/location. The invention can get profile info on people that went to the Tower, and update the Metadata with their info, and could even take into account profiles of people that come from far away vs local visitors.

2. The analyzed data will be part of the metadata of the physical structure of the image object 3. The image analysis data can be plotted in electronic map.

4. Once any user is present at the actual physical location of the object and focus the mobile phone towards the object, then the user can view the image analysis data overlaid the mobile phone screen.

Following diagram (Figure 1) talks about image search result of Eiffel tower. In this case, based on the search query, the existing system displays search results. Now based on user's choice, the user can select any one or more images for detail view.

Invention will track which image is selected, and also tracks which image/object is viewed by the user. Some of the photographs are a portion of a photograph and some are complete view etc.

Figure 1

Following are the implementation steps

1. Invention wi...