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Emergency or Service phone number Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237478D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-18
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A program is disclosed by which, appropriate RFID tag will be installed with every equipment or devices (e.g. Lift, Vehicle, TV, Refrigerator etc) so that device or equipment type can be identified uniquely. Mobile phone will have one shortcut emergency or service center phone call button. Upon selecting the shortcut call button, invention will display one or more phone number for the identified context. Based on user’s current location and proximity of any equipment the Phone numbers will be identified dynamically. User can select appropriate phone number and can get help. There could be subcategories for each of the equipment tags each with different numbers.

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Emergency or Service phone number

In different scenarios users may need to call an emergency or Service number for help. The emergency or service numbers are different for different locations, and different for different equipment. Following is one example:

Stuck in Lift

1. User one is stuck in a lift of Building A in New York. So, he wants to call the maintenance office of the building so that they can come and help the user.

2. The same user or different user may be stuck in a lift of another building B located in Washington, so again the user wants to call the maintenance office of that building.

In both the bases, the maintenance office numbers are different. In this case he has to dial the appropriate number from his mobile phone to get the help.

TV is not functioning properly

1. User has moved from Location A to Location B. While installing a TV, the user found there is a problem so he wants to call a nearby service center. As the location is new, the user may not now the local service center number.

It is not possible for user to know the emergency number or service center number for all different cases and locations. Thus, there has to be mechanism by which user can use a shortcut dial in his mobile phone to get the service center or emergency number.

Following diagram (Figure 1) talks about one emergency or service center shortcut button, and upon selecting the button, appropriate emergency or service center numbers are displayed. User can select approp...