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Method and system for graphical video upload and visualization Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237481D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-18
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A program is disclosed by which, while uploading any video, user can graphically control different video section upload of the video with finger gesture. In this case peak of the non-linear gesture will be considered as selected quality level. User can control the upload property of different video sections of the video with finger gesture. The Default the quality level is highest, user can select the default.

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Method and system for graphical video upload and visualization

As per existing systems, user can upload video by selecting the video file or by dragging the video file. Following diagram (Figure 1) talks about existing video upload option.

Figure 1

There is an opportunity to improve visualization effect of video uploads, and also user can graphically control the video upload.

Following diagram (Figure 2) talks about a user has selected one video file to be uploaded, and accordingly the software is graphically displaying video upload property of the video sections. User can select any property tab, and accordingly can change the property of each video section/property individually. For example, user can set different resolution rate of different video sections. User may not want to upload any particular section of the video file. In this case, with finger gesture, user can change the property of the video.

User may not want to publish all the video sections with same video properties. Perhaps due to private or confidential content, user wants poor resolution for some video sections.

Following are the implementation steps

1. Once any video file is selected to be uploaded, Software installed in Video portal will display the video with multiple thumbnails/video sections.

2. With finger gesture, user can also expand the video sections, so that user can view the video sections in more detail. For example, 10 thumbnails are displayed. Now user can select any required v...