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System and method to calculate potential risk of hearing loss using telephony devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237503D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-19
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Disclosed are a system and method to detect and prevent a hearing loss performed via analyses of a subject’s use of a telephony device data and sensors. The method consists of determining an acoustic noise exposure profile of the user, comparing the observed behavior during call reception with the community’s mean behavior for a given ambient acoustic context, and then determining an audiometric test profile for the user for a given context, observing the feedback of the user during call events.

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System and method to calculate potential risk of hearing loss using telephony devices

The current practice to calculate the potential risk of hearing loss is for the patient to undergo a screening using an audioscope. This is a multi-step process, which requires the subject to set up appointments, and physically visit the center containing an audioscope. For many cases, subject might not realize that the hearing condition demands a screening and test. Regular medical tests require trained audiologists and are often costly. In addition, this is not a preventive technique, but rather a reactive approach after the onset of hearing loss

A non-intrusive, preventive solution is needed that alerts users of the risk of hearing loss or a possible hearing impairment early enough to take adequate measures , without repeated visits to a hearing specialist.

The novel contribution is a method to detect conditions and symptoms of hearing loss via analysis of a plurality of acoustic context attributes (e.g., ambient noise, audio-volume of phone-conversations) and the user's reaction when these acoustic context attributes occur, using a telephony device. For example, the user's reaction can be measured while taking a phone call in a room where people are loudly talking , or

when in the presence of construction noise. Other parameters of measurement might include whether the general caller volume used by User(x) is higher than normal, and in

which contexts.

The disclosed method evaluates risks due to exposure to different acoustic contexts . The method uses a community's mean behavior characteristics to determine whether a user is exhibiting normal behavior or is exhibiting behavior indicative of hearing loss conditions. The method enables the use of smartphone /tel...