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Map Search to Search for Common Attribute Over List of Items Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237537D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-20
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Given a list of items and a common attribute, perform a search to find the value of this attribute for each item in the list, returning a list of values, with the number of rows in the resulting list matching the number of rows in the search list.

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Map Search to Search for Common Attribute Over List of Items

Disclosed is a mechanism to perform a batch search, which searches for the values

of a common attribute for each entry in a list of items and returns a list of results. This solution uses the "map" functionality as commonly found in functional programming.

    Without this mechanism, a user must perform repeated, similar searches to find the value of an attribute for a list of items. For example, to find the release date for a number of films, a user would repeatedly search using the query "release date of

", and compile the results iteratively. This can be time consuming and frustrating, especially for a long list.

    Batch searching is possible through APIs of search engines such as Google ( These solutions combine multiple search queries into one HTTP request, which still requires each

search query to be constructed separately.

    The mechanism proposed is the ability to map the search query for an attribute over a list of items which each contain this attribute, and return the results of these searches as one list. A user of this mechanism will provide a list, and a common attribute of the items of the list, to a search engine. The search is performed and the result is a list of values for the attribute for each list entry. The result list will have one entry per item on the original list. The advantage of this mechanism that it saves the use...