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Polyimide bumper for PZT to improve non-op shock robustness

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237549D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-24
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The present invention is the structure of microactuator suspension which improves the shock robustness of non-operating condition. It is the Suspension structure equipped with the polyimide bumper so that the slider might not contact PZT(piezoelectric actuator).

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PZT structure for microactuator suspensionIn HGA(head gimbal assembly) which carries the microactuator using the PZT in gimbal tongue of a suspension, when a shock is added in the non-operating condition, the slider may vibrate in the pitch and the roll direction, the leading edge of the slider may contact to PZT, and PZT may be damaged.

In order that the present invention may solve this problem,

1. Form the cover polyimide layer of the shape of an island which becomes a flexure wiring part of the suspension of a portion corresponding in the center of the slider leading edge back from two layers.

2. Constitute the fin which consists of the polyimide layer of the flexure wiring part of the suspension of the portion equivalent to the slider leading edge back both ends so that it may arrange between the slider and PZT.

Even when the slider rocks in the pitch direction by an external shock by this, while leading edge of the slider can contact island-like cover polyimide first and being able to ease a shock, the distance between the slider and PZT is securable with cover polyimide of the shape of this island.

Moreover, since the polyimide layer of a soft flexure wiring part intervenes between the slider and PZT even when it rocks in the roll direction, a shock can be eased.

Figure 1 shows the plan view of microactuator HGA (head gimbal assembly), and Fig. 2 shows a side mimetic diagram.

A pair of PZT pasted the flexure tongue part of the suspension with electrically...