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Method to steer audio on a frequency restricted RF channel Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237568D
Original Publication Date: 2014-Jun-24
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2014-Jun-24

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Britton, Richard Agmon, Eran Chaker, Kamel Margalit, Deganit


The customer/field is provided a means to associate a voted subsite (inbound audio) to a zero, one, or many transmit subsites as part of configuring the comparator product which functions as the voter and simulcast controller. Additionally, the customer/field may associate a group of transmitters to console commands to allow a dispatcher to manually steer console audio. During repeat audio scenarios, the comparator will vote which results in a specific inbound subsite being selected as the voted port. The comparator will then use the previously mentioned user configuration to map the voted port to a group of transmitters. The comparator will then transmit simulcasted audio to this group, and only this group of transmitters. For call continuity, the comparator will "latch" this voted port such that follow-on console transmissions will also be routed to this same group of transmitters. If the voted port changes, then the comparator will automatically change the group of transmitters involved in the call based upon user configuration. In the event that the dispatcher wishes to manually override automatic steering, the dispatch issues a dispatcher invokes a control command which the comparator receives and uses to determine the group of transmitters (based on user configuration) in which to use for the corresponding call.