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A Floating Car method to collect the empty parking space in road side

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237569D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-25
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This article describes how a floating car approach can be used for determining available parking places for cars. It uses a novel approach which requires lesss infrastructure that other methods. It also supports guiding drivers to the available slot through the use of the same technology.

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A Floating Car method to collect the empty parking space in road side

More and more road side is allocated for parking to address the requirements of a growing number of cars. How to collect the available on-street parking places and guide the driver to find a parking place quickly is one of the city transportation management problems . There are several existing approaches 1) Detection loops with wired or wireless networks - deploying detection loops under each parking space, detecting the movement of cars into and out of parking spaces and sending the information to a public system; 2) Meters with wired or wireless network - having the driver indicate which parking place they have taken on a meter, and the meter detecting the movement of the car and sending it to publication system and others which require physical mechanisms for detecting car place use.

This article introduces a new and affordable method to collect and make available on-street parking places given that most of the cars today are equipped with onboard cameras, GPS devices, onboard processors, and wireless communication networks. The invention uses a camera, GPS, and wireless connections devices that are installed onboard of a floating car to collect images/video of the on-street parking slots. This image information is date and time stamped, and the location is also recorded. The captured images/video and associated information will be processed either locally or remotely using advanced images...