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System and method for efficient operations of wastewater treatment plants through monitoring, modeling, prediction and optimization Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237571D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-25

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A description of a system that enables comprehensive, end-to-end operational monitoring and management of wastewater treatment plants, plant based on the following main principles: 1) Data consolidation and cleansing: Combining all of the data sources relevant to the operations of the plant onto a unified platform, and providing a unified view of the data to the user. 2) Dynamic plant model: Combining the data with a dynamic model of the plant to provide a full plant view. I.e., augmenting the available data sources with information from the model that is otherwise difficult to measure, in order to provide a true picture of the status of the plant. 3) Forecasting: Adding forecasting algorithms to predict the future load coming into the plant, and together with the dynamic plant model, provide capabilities such as: o Predicting the future behavior of the plant under the predicted load. o Providing alerts regarding the possible occurrence of future undesirable events. 4) Optimization: Adding mathematical optimization to optimize the day-to-day operations of the plant, providing recommendations on how to reduce cost of operation while mitigating/avoiding future undesirable events.