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Smart Interpolation of Spherical Polygonal Segments for Robust Topological Computation on Projections Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237573D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-25

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The complication of solving geographic problems on a spherical model, as well as the distortion that is induced when projecting the data onto the plane for simpler computation makes the development of geographic software very challenging and error prone. As any projection introduce error in the data, interpolating it the sphere prior to the projection helps decreasing the errors. On the other hand, interpolating the data makes it more costly for further processing. Thus, the developer faces a trade of between the interpolation level and the data complexity when designing his solution. These parameters are also affected by other features of the model he works with: projection type, location on earth and more. The main idea of this disclosure is to provide the user with an easy and efficient tool to optimize the trade off between the interpolation level and the data complexity