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A method for lightweight update of mobile hybrid applications Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237575D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-25
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Methods and systems are presented for lightweight update of mobile hybrid application web content without the need to resubmit the application to the public application stores and go through the approval process (subject to vendor?s terms of service). This method includes the utilization of the IBM Worklight system for developing mobile hybrid applications. Delta updates made to an hybrid application web resources are packaged as change-sets and uploaded to the Worklight server. When the mobile application connects to the Worklight server the system detects that an update is available. The delta change-sets are then delivered to the client application incrementally, to update the application to the latest version.

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A method for lightweight update of mobile hybrid applications

Organizations that are developing mobile hybrid applications are looking for a way to push small changes to their public applications web content without the need to resubmit the application to the public application stores and go through the approval process (subject to vendor's terms of service). Applying small changes to an application may be required for example for quick fixing of defects or security vulnerabilities.

IBM Worklight* provides a "Direct Update" feature that allows organizations to resolve this problem. Changes made to web resources of an application which is then redeployed to the Worklight server will be automatically picked up by the Worklight* application, installed on a mobile device, when connecting to the Worklight* server.

    An additional solution is required for improving the efficiency of the direct update feature. The current update method replaces all the application web resources files regardless of the actual number of files that have changed. Obviously this method is not efficient in the case of an application that has thousands of web resources files (some can be large media files), and a change was made to a single file.

    The business value of this invention is the increased customer satisfaction and trust when using the Worklight* direct update feature.

No known solutions found for this problem. Keywords used for search: mobile hybrid applications web resources update.

    The invention aims at improving the user experience and the reliability of the update process by implementing an "incremental direct update" method. The incremental direct update method will replace only the web resources files that have actually changed

on the mobile device. This solution is based on an algorithm for building and deploying incremental change-sets on the Worklight* server and applying them to the Worklight* application on the mobile device during direct update.

    This invention will improve the user experience of the mobile app user by reducing the time it takes for an application to get updated. It will also increase the probability of an update process to complete successfully when operating in unstable network. Additional value for this approach is the reduction of network and battery resources required for the application update process.

   The current direct update method works as follows:
When a Worklight* application is built and deployed, the application web resources are stored on the Worklight* server that acts as the version manager for the application web

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resources. The web resources files are stored in an archive

compressed file and are identified using a calculated checksum value.

   The Worklight* mobile hybrid application is packaged with its web resources to enable offline access and enhanced performance. The web resources checksum value is stored on the mobile device.

   When a Worklight* hybrid application connects to the Worklight* se...