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A new kind of function location method for application Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237592D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-26
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Nowadays,peoples are spending more and more times on software systems which are becoming more and more complex. It would be valuable to save user's time by helping them to locate the functions they need. This article shows a method on helping user to find the functions they need more quicly by mark them using different visual effect. Some method,like system graph, click graph, is used to record and predict user's behaviour. Then the system would highlight these functions, for example, menu and button in UI, with different render solutions to help user locate them more quiclkly.

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A new kind of function location method for application

This invention help to locate most frequently used functions in an application UI which composed by numerous functions . Currently, most methods solve this problem by rearranging function entry and hide infrequently ones. When they are too many functions displayed at the same time, this method's effect would be limited.

This method mark all functions(like toolbar elements , menu,etc.) by a rendering solution based on user operation history and other data. By mark functions with different brightness, hue and saturation, user could easily the functions they always used, or find important functions according to others use history or advice by software producer.

At beginning, the software system could provide some data like function use frequency, function importance,etc. The system also record the user operation history,or get other user's use data from network. Then the system could build a function rendering solution according these data. When needed, for example, user press the ctrl key, the system could render the UI by the render solution, for example, set high brightness for key UI object of concern and reversely for low focused one, or set the UI objects with similar type of function with same hue.

With the development of economy, more and more services are delivered by software system. The software people need to use are increasing quickly. At the same time, functions provided in single software are also increasing. People are spending more and more time on using and learning how to use software system. .


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1. There are lots of software systems to use. Software are updated frequently. People have to spend lot of time on learning how to use them.

2. Functions that are frequently used are limited (usually lease than 20 percent). It is difficult to find these functions among hundreds and thousands of other functions.

3. Usually, there is contradiction in...