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Location based cloud input method Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237594D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-26
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Our predictive input method resurrected the input idea with LBS, social network and cloud technology. The word library is generated according to the input from terminals and is reordered together with location information and social network on cloud. Then local users synchronize the library from cloud. When a user enters a character, many words starting with this character will be listed. The order of these candidates will be calculated based on LBS, social network relations and frequency.

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Location based cloud input method

1.1 Field of this invention

This invention is about predictive input according to the word library synchronized from cloud to improve the input efficiency. The library on cloud was generated by local input terminals, input locations and social network among terminals is used as weight when calculating word frequency in the library.

1.2 Background

LBS (Location-Based- Services) has no further been a stranger for us. It provides location-specific services to users, through GPS, WIFI, or mobile service. LBS provides instant services such as navigation and mapping of weather information\shopping \location-based advertising\social networking\tracking field force\quick comment, etc. These applications leverage users' physical location to deliver more accurate information to the users.

In past 5 years, there has been a significant increase in the use of LBS worldwide. This can be mainly attributed to the increasing need for instant services, widespread availability of highly sophisticated portable devices (particularly smart phones), and host of new location- aware applications. Among the services provided by LBS, most famous LBS + Social network product bumming. Social network provides a platform where people can share ideas, pictures, activities, background, or real-life connections.

1.3 The Problem

Previous predictive input method makes inputting easier in a lot of situations, while it is not smart enough to make input convenient in some places. For example, providing input terminal with location related predictive words. Considering a common scenario like this, when a traveler visits Tiananmen Square and wants to share a picture with statement "Beautiful Tiananmen Square" in micro blog. When he/she enters the Chinese character "Tian", the words such as "Tian kong" "Tian xia" will be provided as candidates by existing input method according to different predictive methodology. These are not what he/she wants mostly and he/she has to enter all the characters which is more time consuming. He/she might expect "Tiananmen" to be listed in the top of predict word list while he/she is in nearby.

Therefore the answer to this question may be how to leverage location information in predictive input method. Besides, the words his/her friends have inputted in nearly can be also a good reference. So the social network can be used as weight when calculating word frequency in library.

In this invention, a new input method which provides predictive input words according to the location of the input terminal and social network is introduced to improve the input efficiency.


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1.4 Prior Art

There are a lot of input methods based on different predictive policies. One of the most popular one is to generate a library to save word used by user in history and list predictive candidates by word frequency. Further more, cloud computing technology greatly extends the ability of word frequency collection. It can co...