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An Inner Lock Design for Blade Server Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237601D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-27
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A Design for locking blade server with electric lock. Design user authority to lock and unlock the blade server. Give an unlocking method when losing power.

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An Inner Lock Design for Blade Server

Today, there are many methods to solve server work station security problem. But most solutions are focused on the security of database, file system, network. There is less method or idea focused on the physical security of BLADE server.

All blade servers can work normally, only when we putthem into a blade center, which provides power, network, management component, and so on. However, malicious or mistaken extracting a blade server from chassis may cause huge loss.

For a large data center, clients can pay huge expenseon security facilities to protect servers and blade machine. But for some small companies and school, they need low cost way to prevent physical damage. Then followed design can provide a low cost solution. And when emergency happened, e.g fire disaster, earthquake cause the power lost. We design a way to unlock all blade server via USB key.

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US 8019912 B2

- Abstract

A computer-implemented method, system and computer program product for managing USB ports on blades in a blade center are presented. A set of remotely-transmitted instructions causes a multiplexer to physically disconnect one or more selected USB ports on a blade. In one embodiment, the same one or more selected USB ports are also software-disabled by a USB software-based controller.

US 20090064338 A1

- Abstract

Embodiments of the present invention address deficiencies of the art in respect to blade server security and provide a method, system and computer program product for proximity sensitive blade server security. In one embodiment of the invention, a method for proximity sensitive blade server security can be provided. The method can include sensing proximity of a systems administrator relative to a blade center, detecting a loss of proximity of the systems administrator, and triggering automated securing of at least one blade server in the blade server in response to detecting the loss of proximity. For example, sensing proximity of a systems administrator relative to a blade center can include establishing a wireless radio connection with a personal article associated with the systems administrator, and determining a loss of proximity when the connection is lost.

3. WO 2008121799 A1

- Abstract


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A lock bar comprises two end sections, each end sectionincluding a slot configured to enable attaching thelock bar to a modular chassis and to enable moving the lock bar between a locked position and anunlocked position when the lock bar is attached to the modular chassis; and a middle section coupled to the two end sections and configured with a length longer than the width of the modular chassis.

Differences with our patent:

None of these patents are focused on the physical security - prevent blade servers from extracting without correct process. Patent 1 locks the USB port to protec...