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Method and Apparatus for Identification of Good Solution Combination to Improve Sales Performance Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237627D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-27

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claims: § A methodology to identification of good solution combination to improve sales performance, which includes: - select the main products with high win-rate for the target customer - Find the hot ad-joint products together with the main products, and generate the hot combination set. - Optimize the product fraction in the combination set, by maximizing the win-rate of the total combination set. - Rank the solution sets by their win rates, the sales' ability and the sales' preference collected by other devices. § Apparatus including: - Data base to store historical sale record & customer profile - Main Products Selector - Hot Ad-joint Products and Combination Identifier - Preference collector fromsales - Set Sorter - Win-rate-driven Deal Size and Fraction Optimizer

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Method and Apparatus for Identification of Good Solution Combination to Improve Sales Performance


1. Win revenue (or win probability) can be greatly improved by selling a combination of several products (i.e. a product set) instead of selling products independently.

2. For great IT company, which has hundreds of product, it's very difficult to figure out the best combination of product(say, "solution") to sale to a specific customer.

- e.g. Solution = Hardware + Software + Service

3. The difficulty not only comes from the huge number of combinations, but also is caused by the dynamic market changing and customer variance.

- e.g. Cloud services starts several years ago, but develops a lot these years

- e.g. Acquisition is very frequent for large company, which increase the diversity and volatility.

4. Traditional approach:

- Find the several top-sellers in the historic sales records.

• But it is too concentrated and too generalized to use for a specific opportunity or customer.

• How many sellers on the top should be chosen as the typical cases? How many cases should be recommended to one sales? A sales may scroll down many pages to find the most suitable case for him.


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Key Findings:

Among all the products included in each solution combination, there may be one main product, which occupies greatest percentage, or leads the whole opportunity to win.

For different types of customer (attributes: industry, revenue size, ITO spend, busi...