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System and Method of Adaptive Mobile Mode update Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237659D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-02
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People need to adjust the mobile mode in different circumstances while they may always forget to do so. We designed the system and method of adaptively updating the mobile mode. The detailed description for the system and method is demostrated below.

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System and Method of Adaptive Mobile Mode update

Background & Problem

Mobile phone is very popular nowadays, almost everyone has a mobile phone

6 Billion mobile phones

¾ people have mobile phone

Mobile phone is more and more powerful
420 Million smart phone in china, nearly 35% population
GPS, Wi-Fi, accelerometer, sensor widely used in the smart phone etc

Some problems are caused by the mobile phone
In some silent place like library, cinema, meeting, it is annoying and impoliteness get a phone call in ringing mode In some situation like plane is about to take off, it is illegal to turn on the mobile phone
Many other silent place: testing room.

People may forget to change their phone mode


Cell phone system with automatic ringer/vibrate/silent/operating mode settings based on entering/exiting public areas and theaters


-Limited scenario, not suitable for a place with same entrance/exit

-No schedule time

-Two additional devices are needed

-May be abused

Mobile phone set vibrate mode based on time & location
-User need to schedule the task to trigger vibrate mode
-Every Time you changed the schedule, you need to modify the task manually -User can not set the precise location for task

Automatically put your phone into silent mode when you slip it inside your pocket -Configuration is lack of flexibility
-Misjudgment happen occasionally
Our Solution - Adaptively update mobile mode

We design a system to update the mobile mode adaptively

Mobile phone Moderator Module

Send a control message to the nearby mobile phone. The message contains:

Moderate Id:Moderate Id generated by the server


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Mobile Mode: which mode will the nearby mobile phone be

Start Time:start time when the mobile mode will be changed

End Time:the time when the mobile mode will recover to the original mode.

Authority Level:What authority level is the moderator device

Current Day: a current day when the control message send

Certification Key: A certification key generated by a control server based on the Moderate Id, Authority Level and current day using private key

Highly configurable:

A certification key is installed before hand and can update from a control server, the certification key are highly controlled Can send control message only when the certification key is valid
The certification file has a valid period for a certain time, need to update from the server to renew
The authority level and device Id is encryption in the certification key, and controlled by the server

Mobile phone Receiving Module

-Receives the control message via GSM network or Wifi

- Validate the control message with public key

- Set the mode according to the control message

-Recover to the original mode when time is expired

Central Server

-Manage the moderator registration and generate the certification key

-Blacklist management

Detail - Architectural Dia...