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Meetings evaluation and optimization system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237675D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-02
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Meetings evaluation and optimization system

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Meetings evaluation and optimization system

    Nowadays teamwork, collaboration and information management/exchange are more and more important.

We should be able to work in parallel on different items still remaining highly productive.

Many times we're involved or directly manage a high number of meetings, not always useful and productive.

The idea we're describing here is in the direction of analyze meeting goal, optimize meeting participation and duration, and enrich a knowledge Database to measure effectiveness of meeting and participants.

    To discuss or solve a problem with than a single person and with different skill/experience a meeting is organized. The meetings may involve a lot of people, assuming that this will be the best solution and the most productive one. The reality is that not all involved people are always really needed and useful in the meeting and there could be a wasting time for themselves and other participants.

    A system and method is proposed to help evaluate meetings to help optimizing the meeting process.

    Input data:
- the application field of the supposed meeting
- the specific context of the supposed meeting
- our budget for the meeting
- core team of required/necessary people (think to decision makers) Parameters collected from multiple Databases:
- knowledge score for each person, in the meeting context
- effectiveness score for each person, coming from previous meeting feedback - actual allocation of each person on other tasks, with the associated priority and impact (think to collaboration tool as t...