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Aircraft Wi-Fi Box Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237700D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-03
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The Aircraft Wi-Fi Box is a new concept that permits to create a private and secured wireless network around and inside the A/C for maintenance phase. It allows giving maintainers mobility in their maintenance actions without impacting the architecture of current in-service aircrafts providing wired maintenance outlets to connect a maintenance terminal. The Aircraft Wi-Fi box is directly connected with the aircraft through the maintenance access outlets and emits Wi-Fi signals to allow aircraft maintenance terminal to connect with. Security measures are hosted in the Aircraft Wi-Fi box itself to protect the aircraft against malevolent behavior.

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Aircraft Wi-Fi Box

Technical field

The Aircraft Wi-Fi Box enables to create a private and secured wireless network around and inside the A/C for maintenance phase.

Prior art and problem to be solved

The invention is intended to improve the maintenance operations in terms of functionalities and mobility through a wireless maintenance access terminal like a tablet. The problematic deals with the capability to create a private and secured wireless network around and inside the A/C with few modifications to connect such a maintenance access terminal. The installation of Wi-Fi relay on the A/C was not acceptable as leading high costs investment to modify onboard maintenance architecture. To answer this problematic, the “Aircraft Wi-Fi Box“ concept was invented.

The other constraint is driven by Data-Security. The box is designed to protect the aircraft against malevolent behavior (unexpected connection attempts with unknown logins or maintenance access terminal , launch of dangerous commands, aircraft critical data gathering attempt…).

The invention is similar to Wi-Fi relay which can be found in the public domain. But it is often fixed: the relay is attached to the wall in a room to provide a Wi-Fi network.

Today, the current solution of Boeing is quite different from the proposed solution because the Wi-Fi relay is attached to the A/C.

The “Aircraft Wi-Fi box” concept enables to answer to the mobility need of the maintainer during his work.

Summary of the invention

As shown in Figure 1, the Aircraft Wi-Fi box is plugged on the current aircraft outlets. Once plugged, it automatically creates the Wi-Fi network and creates a wireless access point for maintenance access terminal (one or several) used by maintai...