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AC PSU detector to DC voltage input Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237703D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-04
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Disclosed is a technology related to an AC PSU detector to DC voltage input. This idea is generated due to the fact the customer plugs AC PSU with DC voltage and the safety arching issue on hotplug action is caused.

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AC PSU detector to DC voltage input


Arching phenomenon appears when using hot-plug AC PSU to DC voltage input.


Some customers demanded that hot-plug AC PSU with standard C13/C14 inlet can be plugged into DC Voltage . Such behaviour may cause arching by accumulated charges on the pins when doing plugging in or pulling out action.


Arching dependencies are : max current, hot-plugging cycle, and so on.

Adding a embedded circuit for detecting if there is a DC voltage (the polarity of voltage wave is not changed).

If there is, a signal will be transmitted to a mechanical latch module.

Latch is activated.

The powercord (with C13 & C14) is locked.

When turning of the server, the embedded system signals the mechanical latch not to fasten.