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A smart mechanism of organize tabs into group automatically Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237718D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-07
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For many modern software with multi-document interface, a tab bar usually is provided and make end user able to select the opened document easily. All these kind of tab bar lay tabs parallelly. If only few documents are opened, it's very easy for end user to pinpoint their target document. But when lots of documents are opened, it's very difficult for end user to find the target document among all opened documents via the move-left and move-right button. Such kind of scenario is very common when surfing internet. The disclosure discloses one new mechanism to solve the issue. The disclosure organizes tabs into group automatically in hierarchy mode based on predefined grouping rules. Thus end user can pinpoint target document easily even if lots of document are opened. And also such mechanism can be enabled or disabled based on users' favorite and the grouping rules are customizable.

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A smart mechanism of organize tabs into group automatically

The disclosure provides one new option - 'tab group' on the traditional tab bar, which aims to organize the tabs into groups smartly and automatically. When user open a new document (Figure 3), all properties of the document will be checked per the predefined grouping rules, even the document content will be checked if possible. If any property of this new document match the grouping rules, then the mechanism will determine which tab group it belongs to. If it belongs to an existing tab group, a sub-tab will be added to the existing tab group and the document will be linked with that sub-tab. Or else, a new tab group will be created for this document. Oppositely, if no property match any predefined grouping rules, an independent tab will be added to the tab bar same as the existing mechanism. With this disclosure, the tabs are arranged automatically in a neat way, end user can customize tab grouping rule and able to pinpoint target document more easily.

The tab group is hierarchical. The root tab contains all the sub tabs or sub tab groups that match related predefine rules. When users click the triangle icon beside parent tab groups, all the children tabs or tab groups will be shown aside (Figure 2), thus users are able to navigate to their target document quickly.

One grouping rules setup dialog will be provided by the disclosure (Figure 1). User can predefine their own favorite rules to organize their tab groups and also able to adjust the priority of each rule. Lots of rules can be adopted to categorize tabs: group the tabs by the Uniform Resource Identifier(URI)or document properties (E.g. 1), group the tabs according to predefined key words(E.g. 2), even group the tabs by fuzzy match method using any known suitable fuzzy algorithm, etc.

E.g. 1: auto-group the tabs based on URI or document properties URI or document properties

Documents can be grouped into a t...