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System and Methodology for image evaluation in Cloud Platform Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237743D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-09
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Disclosed is a method of evaluating system image by using multi-dimension elements graphically and intuitively.

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System and Methodology for image evaluation in Cloud Platform

In a Cloud Computing Environment, the cloud images will become more and more with increase in the number of business expansion and customers. Even most of images are very similar. Users can't distinguish between good and bad images just based on images' description. So that cloud users need a method to identify which images is the best one for themselves.

In this disclosure, it will use image and workload parameters to comprehensive measure the quality of one image. The parameters will be like "image deploy and delete times", "instance/workload running time", "instance/workload downtimes" and so on.

With this disclosure,
- Cloud users can refer to these parameters' value and easy make a decision which image to use.

- The evaluation system can be extended along with different parameters.

Evaluation parameter


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Polygon translation from parameters Simple example


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Expanded exmaple


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Base rules


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§The parameter value is higher and "better"
§The parameter in "Image" and "Workload" should be corresponding

such as "I_AT","W_AT", If not the correspond value is 0
§The parameter is balanced if the parameter value in same type is close

§The weight of parameter can be tune with the unit and limit

§The parameter can be expanded based on polygon

1. By using the intuitive view for every system image, the availability of a...