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OpenFlow Controller Initialized Trunk Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237746D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-09
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In the openflow network, the portchannel is also used to load balance the traffic, but currently only the static portchannel can be used, this makes the management of the OF networking difficult and easy to make mistakes. In order to release the customer hard network configuration work, and better use the OF controller sensed path information, this article promotes the OF Controller Initialized (OCI) trunk that can automatically do the portchannel configurations.

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OpenFlow Controller Initialized Trunk

In the current OpenFlow network with multiple equal cost paths, usually there are 2 methods to do load balancing over these paths.

The first one is configuring traditional static or LACP trunk, by which, the traffic can be hashed on all links in the trunk. Its disadvantage is that the operators have to configure the switch manually. It's not feasible for a software-defined network (SDN) because one of the main targets of SDN is to free people from the complex configuration. Another drawback is that the traditional trunk can not cross multiple switches, so this method can only be used between 2 switches.

Another way is ECMP, it can route packets along multiple equal cost paths. But it only could be used by Layer 3 traffic and it consumes hardware or CPU resources. Similar to trunk, it also needs people to configure the switch in advance.

For these drawbacks this invention proposes the OpenFlow Controller Initialized Trunk (OCI Trunk).

OCI (OpenFlow Controller Initialized) uses OpenFlow Controller to create trunk on the openflow switches dynamically. Based on the topologies, the controller can find the equal paths and then direct the switch to configure the trunk automatically. The controller also can update/delete the trunk groups once topology changes. This can be achieved by enhance OpenFlow message or OF-config protocol. By OCI trunk, users can be free from trunk configuration; besides this, the OCI trunk can cross multiple...