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System and method for smart parking guidance system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237748D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-09
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We propose a parking system which contains the following features: i) adaptively allocate parking place for vehicles with different sizes in the large park lot; ii) adaptively allocate parking place for visitors with different destinations in the large park lot; iii) supply the location information and guidance information for user who want to go back to his vehicles. In particular, we claim the novlties of our disclosures in the following aspects: system level: a system for automatically capturing and integrating multiple information including user destination, car attributes and size, car location to generate effeicient route recommendation for parking lot management, And at the component level: a) car size capturing module: car attributes and size are automatically captured by visual camera via stereo 3-D estimation or car type matching with existing database table; b) path planing module: route planning is generated by a path planing fitness function that incorporates user detestionation, car size, and current user location for optimization.

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System and method for smart parking guidance system

Car localization is added and implemented by Wireless access point or cell phone; car size/appearance information is captured and used for park place and route decision making via designing a fitness function for route planning considering all aspects, and destination information is used for park place and route decision making

The following provides two use cases reflecting the core idea of this disclosure: Core idea flow chart case 1:


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Core idea flow chart case 2:

there are two sub-modules in the system:

a) a car size information collection messager, which collects the brand information by mobile


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applications or video camera and finds the car size in the brand-size table.

b) a multi-objective path planning module whose inputs are: parking place status, user current location, destination location, car size, other possible preference; the outputs are: parking placeand trajectory path.

The fitness function contains multiple objectives including: distance along the path from current place to the parking place: D





number of turns along the path (related to car size): T

average/max turn angle (related to car size): A

distance from the parking place to the destination: Y