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Prerequisites checker based on historical resource usage statistics and predictive analytics Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237771D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-10
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Article describes new approach to prerequisite checker based on historical data and trend analysis.

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Prerequisites checker based on historical resource usage statistics and predictive analytics

Almost every software application requires particular system parameters to work correctly with optimal performance. And there are often several libraries/other software's which need to be pre-installed to achieve that. Such prerequisites are usually checked within the dedicated step of installation that is performed by component called, prerequisites checker.

There are several disadvantages and limitations connected with current, widely used approach:

Prerequisites checking takes time and generates particular foot print on the target system System state which is taken into consideration is taken only in that given time, at the moment of installation. In many cases, system resources usage such as CPU, available memory may vary a lot within the given period of time. Moreover, installations at production systems are usually performed within the maintenance windows, when most of software application is closed. Because of that, checking system resources in this particular moment can be misleading.

Software installation needs to be executed on the system to check the readiness of the particular system.

Most of prerequisites checker mainly focuses on the target machine as a source of information without getting benefits of other historical and predictive analytic data as sources available in the existing environment

Proposal described in the below article addresses the above issues by checking not only on one particular system state in the given moment of installation, but also on all kind of statistical trends available.:

• Functionality of prerequisites checking mechanism based on the historical resource usage statistics and predictive analytics

• Enhancement of the prerequisites checking methods by either common or custom defined statistical and predictive analytics methods

• Method for two stage prerequisites checking consisting of initial simple installation prerequisites checking (sniff check of current machine state) and runtime advanced prerequisites checking based on introduced functionality

When prerequisite checker is executed, information about "current machine state" is collected
i.e. available resources, user privileges, system parameters, external libraries existence, network connectivity etc.

Such information is checked with all predefined prerequisites i.e. is available RAM above 5GB, does user has administrative privileges, is it AIX operating system, is DB2 library available etc.

However, the "current machine state" approach for prerequisite checking is very misleading. Example: App1 has prerequisite on 5 GB of available RAM, it means, this is the requirement

which should be met during application runtime and not only during installation time.

The proposed approach for prerequisite checking enhances functionality with historical data analysis by either common or custom defined prerequisite methods.

Historical data can hel...