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System and method for question selection of dialog system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237777D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-10
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Studies show IT incidents are resolved in 60-70% less time on average by using authored problem resolution content (e.g., FAQs) compared to others of a similar complexity. Dialog Manager (DM) is used for authoring & reusing problem resolution content (e.g., by using FAQ). We propose a novel method for question selection to reduce the time of dialog conversation: first category user preference based enterprise organization information, and get question statistics on same user preference, and simplify the dialog by finding the root questions, and answer the question from query system context automatically.

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System and method for question selection of dialog system

1. Background: What is the problem solved by your invention? Describe known solutions to this problem (if any). What are the drawbacks of such known solutions, or why is an additional solution required? Cite any relevant technical documents or references.

Software is becoming more and more complex, and maintenance business is growing rapidly.

  In order to reduce the cost of maintenance, there is high expectation in sharing the procedural knowledge by an FAQ system such as the Dialog Manager. The Dialog Manager consists of high quality of structured data in its Knowledge Base, and the user interface to effectively disseminate the content.

When the dialog is very complex, it's very time-consuming and frustrated for the user to find the final question to resolve user's problems.

2. Summary of Invention: Briefly describe the core idea of your invention (saving the details for questions #3 below). Describe the advantage(s) of using your invention instead of the known solutions described above.

Our disclosure aims to improve the performance of the Dialog Manager: How to find the right start question in a dialog for a user The present invention discloses a novel approach:

Statistics the final question of dialog for each user to resolve problems

Build user preference based user background - account, BU …

For a use start a dialog in the DM KB, recommend the most relevant question in the dialog for user navigation...