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A mechanism to optimize OpenFlow message padding fields Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237789D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-11
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This invention is for improving the bandwidth of openflow management traffic. A capability negotiation mechanism and a padding optimization mechanism are introduced to comperss and decompress the padding field of openflow packets. With this invention, the bandwith of openflow management traffic can be reduced 10%-20%.

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A mechanism to optimize OpenFlow message padding fields

In OpenFlow network, one controller usually controls large scale of OpenFlow switches. The controller need communicates with each switch to do configurations or get information, all the messages between the controller and switches use management bandwidth. This needs high management bandwidth especially when there is only one OpenFlow controller and a large number of OpenFlow switches.

The OpenFlow message format is defined in OpenFlow spec delivered by ONF, and most OpenFlow messages contain padding fields to align multi-byte entities on natural processor boundaries. All common structures included in messages are aligned on 64 bit boundaries and the padding fields must be set to zero. Sending the padding field to network is wastage of bandwidth, especially there are a large number of packet-in/out, stats request/reply messages. The solution described in this disclosure is to solve the issue.

An OpenFlow message pad optimization mechanism is introduced to avoid the wastage of bandwidth in OpenFlow network. With this mechanism, all the OpenFlow messages send out to the management network have no padding fields or have less padding fields, including send out by OpenFlow controller and OpenFlow switches. A module named pad optimization is added to the controller and switches OpenFlow stack to do the optimization work. In outbound, this module is used to strip the padding fields of the original message based on the OpenFlow spec or compression algorithm and send out to management network. In inbou...