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Improved stabilization of non-protease enzyme Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237827D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-15

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The stabilization of non-subtilisin enzymes by certain subtilin inhibitors in liquid detergents is particularly effective when the concentration of the subtilisin inhibitor is higher than a concentration C.

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    The present invention relates to stabilization of non-subtilisin enzymes in liquid detergent compositions.


    WO 98/13458, WO 94/04651, WO 98/13460, WO 95/25791, and WO 2009/118375 disclose liquid detergents with a subtilisin-type protease stabilized by a peptide aldehyde. WO 2011/036153 discloses that the addition of a peptide aldehyde to a particulate subtilisin- containing detergent can improve the detergency.

    It is well known that aldehydes can form soluble adducts with NaHSO3 (bisulfite or hydrosulfite adducts) and that peptide aldehydes tend to be sparingly water soluble. Peptide aldehyde hydrosulfite adducts, and their use in detergents, are disclosed in WO 2013/004636.

    WO 98/47523 and US 6,500,802 disclose peptidyl-2-amino-1-hydroxyalkanesulfonic acids and their use as protease inhibitors. US 5,436,229 discloses bisulfite adducts of L-Arginine

aldehyde derivatives and their use as thrombin inhibitors.

    US 4,703,036, US 4,478,745 and US 5,578,574 disclose methods of preparing peptide aldehydes in dry form.


    The inventors have found that incorporation of a subtilisin inhibitor above a certain concentration into a liquid detergent improves the storage stability of non-subtilisin enzymes more than the storage stability of subtilisins.

    Accordingly, the invention provides a method for improving the storage stability of a non- subtilisin enzyme in a liquid detergent composition containing a subtilisin and a non-subtilisin,

comprising preparing a liquid detergent composition containing a subtilisin, a non-subtilisin, and more than a concentration C of a subtilisin inhibitor; wherein C is determined as the concentration of inhibitor where the relative residual activity of the subtilisin is increased by 25% of the increase from no inhibitor to C, when the concentration of the subtilisin inhibitor is increased from C to two times C, after incubation for one week at 40°C in Detergent M.

    In an embodiment, the relative storage stability improvement of the non-subtilisin is higher than the relative storage stability improvement of the subtilisin.

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    Other aspects and embodiments of the invention are apparent from the description and examples.


We have found that the level of protease inhibitors needed for improving the stability of

non-protease enzymes (like amylase, lipase, cellulase, and other detergent enzymes) is higher than for securing the stability of protease enzymes; and the stabilizing effect of a second addition of inhibitor on top of a first addition of inhibitor is higher on non-protease enzymes than on proteases. Hence by adding protease inhibitor to the individual non-protease enzyme products will lead to a more optim...