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Single digit release for removal handles that support various manual lift methodologies

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237830D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-15
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Disclosed is a removable lift handle for information technology equipment that accommodates different methods of lifting and saves space.

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Single digit release for removal handles that support various manual lift methodologies

Information technology (IT) equipment continues to follow a path of greater density and greater power consumption, which

continually decreases the available space for integrated handles for manual tasks (e.g., installation within a rack, data center movement from unpacking area to the correct rack in a row of racks, etc.). This need for removable handles is especially important for modular chasses that hold multiple sub-nodes, for which all available internal space is needed. Removable handles provide an opportunity to have a lift surface superior to integrated handles. By design, the handles must be small enough to fit into pockets of available space within the mechanical structure of a chassis or server.

The novel contribution is a removable lift handle that uses an existing "T-head" attachment methodology. The new design provides sufficient clearance to support all possible manual lift methodologies including: underhand, overhand, casket-carry, dead lift over and under, power lift clean, etc. (for 95th-percentile males). This clearance represents both the distance between chassis and handle (~36 mm at narrowest point) and the width (~133 mm). The new removable lift handle provides an optimal lift touch point for heavy lifting (~25 mm diameter cylinder). A single digit release can be reached by most of the population (i.e. individuals with hands smaller than the 25th percen...