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Controlling Electrical Power supplied to a background load based on a foreground intermittant load Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237836D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-16
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Maintaining the total load of a set of circuits below a total threshold

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Controlling Electrical Power supplied to a background load based on a foreground intermittant load

The Requirement

    There are instances in electrical distribution where it is desirable for a total maximum load not to be exceeded due to supply restrictions (thickness of supply cable or ability of supply to provide power). In such a situation there might be appliances with a continuous demand and appliances with an intermittent demand. Those that are continuously on may be able to tolerate a small outage during the intermittent demand of other appliances - to keep the total load below the maximum threshold.

    One such example is that of a caravan, where the heating and socket outlets are generally on the same 10 Amp MCB. If the dweller wishes to boil an electric kettle (or use any appliance of >300 watts) he/she must first remember to switch off the heating system. If he/she fails to remember, then this causes either the MCB to operate (and cut power to all the caravan), or it causes the cabling to overheat (as MCBs often do not operate exactly at the rated current). Neither outcome is good and the manual task of remembering to turn off the heating is easily forgotten.

    Another example may be when power is being supplied by a generator at a remote location, where again the total supply is limited. This might be a Sump water Pumping system, combined with the intermittent demand of a power tool.

    A final example could be a domestic property with air conditioning units and electrical showers. On the continent it is not uncommon to have a supply limited to 32Amps.

    What is needed to address this issue is a device which automatically cuts out the continuous non-critical demand of other high load appliances when the more intermittent demand is present. In the...