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Generic input failure analysis and recovery Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237837D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-16
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A chief problem with any device is that if a particular input fails (for example on a keyboard, mouse or point of sale terminal), then it is a great inconvenience. In the short term if a business critical key or other input unexpectedly fails, work can be severely impacted. Although users can simply pay for a new device in the long-term, it is important to still be able to use the input functionality of the key until it is convenient to buy a new device.

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Generic input failure analysis and recovery

Disclosed is a system that guarantees the continued use of a particular input based on a dynamic mapping to other inputs that are still functional. In addition, the currently failing inputs are registered in the system so that applications can use the information to compensate for the loss of these inputs; for example resolving incorrectly spelled words via insertion of letters that are known to have broken inputs.

    There are many different ways around particular input problems currently available, but depending on which input is broken, the workaround can be tedious. Current solutions can rebind keys to an application or use an alternative GUI, but these solutions are either slow or unsuitable for already broken inputs, the input itself potentially being required for a remapping.

    The system disclosed provides an alternative input method for all known inputs to a device by mapping a combination of other working inputs. This works because most applications expect sequential characters (functions like the "shift" key are likely to be left out of composite inputs for this reason). Initial selection for the combinatorial mappings can be based on proximity to a particular key, such as on a standard keyboard, the functionality for key "x" is replicated by pressing "z" and "c" at the same time. Other mappings are possible.

    If multiple pluggable input devices are present, for instance a mouse and a keyboard and failover for bot...