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System and Method for input complex char set in mobile devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237852D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-16
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The paper describes a system for how to improve the usibility for input password or other complex chars in mobile applications by using a customized & sophisticated keyboard.

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System and Method for input complex char set in mobile devices

System and Method for input complex char set in mobile devices

Problem statement

Input password and verification code etc in mobile application is not convenient, especially input 'good' password. For example, input below password 'AbCMypass0rd*'; Or input a verification code as 'Fc8D' etc. The problem is that with the limited size of mobile screen, NOT ALL of characters can be displayed in keyboard.

Now if the password is 'AbCMypass0rd*', then I will have to switch the keyboard again and again to input the password, it's very difficult to use.


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Another case is input verification passcode as below, it still requires user to switch between characters & number keyboard.


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Core idea/Claims

Display a soft keyboard including password characters that used by user, also adds some other obfuscated characters in the soft keyboard. By this way, user only need to pick-up the password character directly without switching keyboard, and it greatly improves the efficiency but without sacrificing security. In below example, need input password dasMAC0*

Detailed description - take input password as an example

Generate/Reset character set table, please refer to below for the process of generating the keyboard when user create a new password or reset a password.


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Input password: please refer to below for the procedure of input password.


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Make users much...