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Component Auto-flow

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237857D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-17
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Disclosed is a system that supports the automatic adoption of changes from other software development teams while avoiding conflicts for multi-team software projects. The system stores the associations between the source stream/component and one or more target components in the source control system in order to validate changes and regulate the change flow.

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Component Auto-flow

When working on multi-team software projects, it is common for each team to have an assigned branch or stream in an associated source control system in order to provide a measure of isolation from other teams . Some source control systems divide the content of a stream into file subtrees (i.e. components). This allows teams to isolate designated files into team-owned and controlled components. Teams typically want tight control over the content of the owned components, but sometimes want components in a team's designated stream that are owned by other teams to be automatically updated to contain the latest state promoted by the owning team. This can be accomplished by using a script to detect when changes are delivered to a source stream/component and then deliver, or flow, those changes to the set of desired target streams/components. However, this suffers from the fact that the script does not provide any control over who can deliver to the target stream. This can lead to a situation in which the changes from multiple source stream/components are being delivered to the same target, which can lead to conflicts.

The proposed solution is to store the associations between the source stream /component and one or more target components in the source control system. These associations can be used not only to forward changes to the targets whenever the source is modified, but also can be used to ensure that only changes from the source are allowed to be sent , or flowed, to the target. The advantage of this approach is that the target stream/component is kept synchronized with the source without the possibility of having unwan...