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A method of preventing the pedestrian red light running in crossing place Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237860D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-17
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The red/green light system, even monitor camera, has been used for traffic control over years, but this is more effective to warn driver than pedestrian. The main idea of this solution is to scan the running-red-light's mobile signal by directional antennas, and punish them in an economic way. We wish it could help to raise the public’s awareness and consciousness of obeying traffic rules in the future.

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A method of preventing the pedestrian red light running in crossing place

The red/green light system has been used for traffic control over years, while this is based on that the driver and pedestrian can obey the rules strictly. On a busy crossing place, the monitor camera is installed, but this is more effective to warn driver than pedestrian. The traffic assistant from government has to stand at the crossing place to prevent red light running. This cause higher cost to the management department but in vain. A more effective way to prevent pedestrian red light running based on modern infrastructure is strongly required by the society.

The existing solutions are normally focus on setting obstacles on pedestrian, such as patent CN 103161131 A or Patent CN201120019824, which only cover one aspect - preventing - of running a red light. With the legislation in China, economic punishment should be also an important approach. Some of solutions, such as Patent CN 202904881 U, are based on image processing to identify the violator. The disadvantage is obvious that highly depend on database of citizen's latest photos, and the gap would not be eliminated in short term. Since the modern citizen tends to take his cell phones for communication and social for every minute, the solution described in this article is benefited by this trend. At the same time, the solution resolved the deficiency of checking accuracy of patent CN 103106792 A. The solution described in patent CN 103106792 A would occasionally publish the pedestrian who accidentally enter the zebra zone but not complete the behavior of running red light. The solution in this article creatively resolve the issue and provide further benefits to the entirely ecosystem.

The key point of this solution is to fine people who runs the red light by scanning mobile signal and taking off money form his /her phone bill.

We can mount directional antennas onto existed traffic lights. When light turns to red, the antennas will start scanning mobile signals among particular area, and then will upload the collected date onto remote servers. After processing, if the action is identified as really red-light running, corresponding fees will be charged from the phone bills whose signal has been detected during traffic lights was red. We try to help to regularize the public's actions facing red light by economic punishment which maybe will raise the public's awar...