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Modulized Self Source Selective Smart PDU Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237865D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-17
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Disclosed is a technology related to a modulized self source selective smart PDU.

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Modulized Self Source Selective Smart PDU

With standard PDUs, in order to have one system to connect to two independent power sources, the two power cables are often connected to two different PDUs, which results in a problem of making these two cables connected at two different locations and different cable lengths.

Our idea is to break down the PDU into components by modulizing them, and the system can be connected to two separate power sources from the same location with just right amount of cabling.

The standard power source has two types - Single Phase and Three Phases, and there are other sources like DC sources, UPS sources, solar sources, wind sources, and so on. Our core thinking is to have a PDU base bar containing all the sources. And when a PDU client module is plugged into the PDU bar, all kind of power sources are available for the module to select and use from a single location. Then there will be a centralized management system to manage all the modules.

The PDU base bar will be as high as the rack's capacity. Taking 42U for example, the smallest module will be 1U high. Therefore the 1U system should use 1U module and it's installed very close and next to the system. The modules will have the same amount of cable outputs as the system requires. Hence the system and the modules will be have each other in their server proven list. The 2U System will have 2U modules in its SPP. The 7U system will have 7U 6 outputs modules in its SPP.

For each module...