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Method and System for Enabling a Seller to Identify Multiple Social Network Profiles of a Buyer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237873D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-17
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A method and system is disclosed for enabling a seller to utilize a buyer’s social network profile data to identify one or more other social network profiles of the buyer.

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Method and System for Enabling a Seller to Identify Multiple Social Network Profiles of a Buyer

Disclosed is a method and system for enabling a seller to identify multiple social network profiles of a buyer. The method and system proactively informs a seller about each user's (buyer) multiple other social network connections and profile information that was previously unknown to the seller. This enables sellers in quickly identifying the right social network to engage an active buyer at right time.

In accordance with the method the system, initially, information is gathered from the seller's established social network or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. The gathered connection information can include details for each buyer associated with the seller via the social network or the CRM system. The buyer details can be include details such as, but not limited to, name, title, email ID, photo, company,

job role, mutual connections and personal interests. Optionally, the method and system stores and indexes the gathered information in a database.

The method and system then utilizes the gathered connection information to query other social networks, for the existence of any other public profiles for each buyer. In one implementation, the query results are compared with the stored profile information for each existing buyer. Thereafter, the best possible profile matches are scored based on a pre-defined configurable value, such as a minimum of 60% match. For example, if the buyer's email address or photo is detected as a close match, then the profile is scored with a high degree of closeness as 90% match. Alternately, if the buyer's first and last names are identified as a match, it is considered to be less likely to be close, especially with common names.

The method and system subsequently notifies the selle...