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Method for Streaming Contract Data and Approvals using a Smart Watch Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237879D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-17
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Disclosed is a method of transmitting mutual contract approval through a handshake using a smart watch.

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Method for Streaming Contract Data and Approvals using a Smart Watch

When two participants arrive at a decision, shaking hands is a sign of agreement. With written contracts, the person's signature is used as confirmation of the agreement.

The novel contribution is a new type of approval that uses a handshake in conjunction with a digital certificate of approval. The method uses a smart watch that incorporates the ability to show a record of the electronic handshake signature for a given contract.

The method for streaming contract data and approvals using a smart watch defines handshake gestures and thresholds of each party as means of a contract approval. Thresholds include duration of a handshake to indicate approval, contract signature identification of the smart watch user, a range of communication for other smart watch users, and witness or notary signatures for the contract. The method includes searching for smart watch devices using a secure Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network within the defined range as well as associating the signature-user and witness with the contract. Upon the handshake gesture of the parties within the contract, the method creates a digital signature confirming contract approval. The handshake digital signature and contract are then streamed to local storage.

To implement the method and system:

1. Configure prerequisites

A. Written contract is available on a mobile device such as a tablet, laptop, or other mobile device. The contract defines the parties for signing the contract.

B. Sensor installed in smart watch is used to track handshake gesture C. Smart watch can uniquely identify the user wearing the device through biometrics
D. Threshold attributes are defined
i. duration of handshake (e.g., five seconds),
ii. range to identify parties through device (e.g., one meter)

iii. other users to act as notary (e.g., two-three meters)

2. During the handshake-based approval process, the smart watch of User A searches and co...