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Max Potential Power characterization Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237908D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-21
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In order to optimize power budget allocation in the data center, it is important to determine the worst case power consumption (maximum potential power consumption) for each system, which is typically not not the same as specified by the power supply. This document describes how to determine a more exact approximation of this maximum potential power by using personalized maximum potential power consumption values for each single hardware entity in the system.

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Max Potential Power characterization

Disclosed is a method to calculate the overall maximum potential power value of a system by using personalized values per single hardware entity of the system, stored on a persistent storage element on the hardware entity itself.

In today's data centers, the maximum potential power of a system in the worst case simply uses the maximum value specified by the power supply. Known optimizations use a table-driven approach, where the maximum potential power value for each type of hardware installed in the system is stored. When determining (sensing) the inventory of actually plugged hardware, a program maps a type identifier per detected hardware entity to a value in such table and thus determines a maximum potential power value
for the system which is below the label power (Fig. 1). The drawback of this optimization is that it is not very accurate: the value per hardware type needs to be the

worst case value of all hardware entities of a certain type, determined during

manufacturing process. Furthermore, it ties the mapping to the program, thus requiring it to be updated when supporting new types of hardware.

This idea instead uses personalized maximum potential power values stored in a persistent storage on each hardware entity itself. A requirement is that these values are determined during the hardware test of each hardware entity as part of the manufacturing process. These personalized maximum potential power values are then

written to the persistent storage of that hardware entity. The program determining the...