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Method and system for reliable management of interrupted calls Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237971D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-23
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This article deals with a method to manage unexpected termination of calls providing a reliable solution to restore interrupted communication.

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Method and system for reliable management of interrupted calls

    Nowadays mobile communication is becoming a critical aspect of daily activities and the correct management of calls is a key aspect for the business impact it has. In fact, due to any problem during an established connection it may happen that both parties will start attempting to reestablish the connection at the same time, resulting in a failed attempt.

    So, for example, if the communication is interrupted because one of the involved parties experiences any issue due to network failures, charge battery level or available credit it often happen that both parties wait for the other or instead try to recall at the same time. No mechanism is currently available to regulate and customize the recall action following an interrupted communication. The proposed article describes a method and a system to address above problems providing an effective and reliable mechanism to restore interrupted communication minimizing at the same time the user intervention and frustration.

    The solution prevents the connections overlap between the caller and the called person by restoring the communication as soon as possible and deleting the loss of time than occurs when the actors of call acting simultaneously. The solution implements a problem determination to restore the connection in the best way according to policies set by the actors.

    So, when a connection is interrupted for any reason (network problem, lower battery level, lower balance) the proposed method automatically identifies the actor entitled to call back and also prevents that both involved user lines become busy.

    According to the proposed solution, based on the specific client configurations, a call retry period is identified and the call is automatically initiated or prompted to the user. During the retry timeframe the caller and receiver lines are reserved and can be only exceptionally used only by users belonging to local defined user groups.

    The solution can be easily implemented by an additional plugin (further referred as CallHandler or CH) to be installed on mobile devices that is responsible to manage the calling back mechanism.

    This component will be primarily responsible to identify the root cause of interruption, configure local policies and priority groups and manage the line reservation and calling back mechanism.

    When a caller A wants communicate with a called B, the user A contacts the cell where the user B is located according to the following fl...