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Method and systems for a context awareness organizer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237973D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-23
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Method and systems for a context awareness organizer which improves the way how the meeting are arranged between people using a collaboration application on their mobile devices. The improvement consists in taking into account the proximity of people to help planing for physical meetings betwen them.

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Method and systems for a context awareness organizer

    In business contexts, it seldom happen to do continuous updates of personal organizers in terms of meetings and to-do's. It is already possible today to have an automatic TODO created through voice recognition, the user says a simple statement like "Discuss an item with Mr Smith" and the organizer automatically writes this entry in the personal list. The limitation of the current solution is that you have no control on the current Mr Smith's location and the user needs to manually schedule a meeting to meet Mr Smith. The following article introduces a new system that improves the way how the meeting are arranged.

    The article introduces a method and system based on mobile devices common features to identify and locate people in user's TODO list and discover the physical proximity of the people that appear in this TODO list providing this information to the user for his further action.

Here below the the detailed solution architecture and the basic use case. The basic components of the architecture are visible in the Figure below: 1- A plug-in for the mobile organizer application and contact list
2- The plug-in contains three software modules:

1- The first software module (aka PresenceBroadCaster PBC) is responsible to send in broadcast a message that alerts other enabled device about the presence and the position of the mobile owner

2- The second software module (aka PresenceInterceptor PI) is responsible to receive all the messages broadcasted by the e...