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Method and system for collaborative sounds policy management Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237974D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-23
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This article deals with a method to define and apply sound policies in shared environment guaranteing each user to be compliant to common defined rules.

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Method and system for collaborative sounds policy management

    In these years, having offices organized in open spaces instead of a set of rooms has become a common practice. As more people share a common space, the more can be the noise produced, let's think to SMS notifications, internet message notifications produced by popular chat programs and so on.

    It could be difficult to make a business phone call if the colleague in the next seat is chatting (even for business need) or looking at a video producing sounds or noises. Sometimes silence can be needed to carry on business activities like phone calls or the like, and noises coming from electrical equipment like computers and smartphones can disturb more than human voices.

    To avoid such difficult situation, here is proposed a solution that can silence electrical equipment leveraging a control unit and cells of Bluetooth connected devices.

    In a shared space, users use to have mobile phones, and computers whose sound can be controlled and lowered when it is needed. The system described in this article will take in charge distributing of the information among the devices, controlling the overall volume or application volume. When a user enters in a controlled open space, his devices eventually become part of the system, and his device sound control will be managed from the proposed solution.

    In this way, people sharing the same space could have electrical equipment with sound lowered whenever specific conditions have been met. Users can also book requests for silence at a given time, it may also be decided which application should be silenced and which not. The solution can be easily implemented through a simple plug in that is responsible to communicate through a Bluetooth adapter with other devices and providing the capability to control the volume...